In tech, we undergo tectonic shifts at frequent intervals. At each stage, there are large groups of late arrivals, even naysayers, death-gripping the status quo. Market leaders — and careers — are, in juxtaposition, built on identifying and building on the shifts, ignoring the skeptics, and moving with passion and…

Like many people sheltering-in-place during the coronavirus pandemic, I absorbed The Last Dance docuseries about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls chasing their 6th and final NBA championship. The wickedly incisive series — peppered with telling raw, behind-the-scenes footage of MJ and crew — reflected a seemingly bygone era in…

Is the information technology party over? Reading daily about the industry’s general malaise — the pulled IPOs, the bad executive behavior, etc. — you might feel like examining your mutual funds or calling your brokers to rebalance your portfolio.

While some commentators act like the party just got started, traditional…

Some Brief Thoughts on GTM, Positioning, Start-Ups, and Marketing

Over the past 10 years, I have had a chance to publish some of my thoughts on startups and marketing. Here is a brief selection of my favorites.

GTM strategies

Positioning Companies in a Tech Shifts

Metaphors for big shifts/industry change


CMO’s Journey

Bonus Feature Blogging in a Large Company (Cisco)

I clearly remember meeting Matt Ocko and Zack Bogue over 6 years ago when I was joining Illumio. Supporters of the company from its founding, they were different: at the time, DCVC [KH1] was less focused on the raging IT infrastructure wars — as the enterprise re-platformed from client-server to…

Alan Cohen

Partner at DCVC (Data Collective)

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